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Sunday, February 19, 2012

American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA)


Holistic medicine is relied upon by a large number of people.

A short explanation of it from Wikipedia.

Holistic health - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Holistic health

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Holistic health is a concept in medical practice upholding that all aspects of people's needs, psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole. As defined above, the holistic view on treatment is widely accepted in medicine.[1] A different definition, claiming that disease is a result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalance, is used in alternative medicine.[2]



[edit]Alternative medicine

In alternative medicine, it is believed that the spiritual aspect should also be taken into account when assessing a person's overall well-being.[3]This spiritual aspect is claimed not to be associated with any religious ideology.[4]

[edit]Holistic health practices

Some of the practices of alternative holistic health include, but are not limited to:



Major medical organizations recommend that if holistic medicine is to be used at all, it should be used only in conjunction with conventional medicine and not as a replacement.[6]


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